How to help

How can you bring ‘the good’ to your community? ASK.

Don’t be afraid to ask!  Maybe you’ll encourage someone else to do the same? It’s THAT simple.

#Wearables4good ideas:

  • Volunteer at a local food bank and invite friends to help
  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter and tweet out immediate needs
  • Volunteer at a children’s center, like their Facebook page and share it on yours
  • Volunteer for a local run/wheel/walk benefitting a cause in need
  • Share community news in an Instagram video
  • Encourage others in neighboring towns or states to start their own techie volunteer efforts!

BEFORE SHARING: Make sure to ask the organization for permission to document your time with them via your wearable or tech device. Some areas may be more sensitive than others. And of course, use your best judgment when sharing online. Most non-profits and causes in need will welcome the help!


Already doing good with tech in your community?

Let us know – and keep up the great work! Use the hashtag #Wearables4good when posting online so we can share with others!

How can you help us help others?

Sharing online and word-of-mouth is always great but here’s where we can use assistance to keep our local good going:

  • Gas: Driving all over the state of Florida is very costly. Gas cards are always welcomed.
  • Fees & meals: Parking fees, tolls, cover charges, internet/WiFi use, even we have to eat at some point.
  • General Donations: Feel like donating, just because? We will gladly apply this to all the above!
  • Technology updates: Sadly we cannot afford to buy ‘the newest’ gadget out there. Looking to get rid of or donate a slightly used, updated device? We will put these to good use or donate them to a cause for you!

Please consider safely donating online via our secure *PayPal or *Google Wallet 

PayPal Donate Button              Google Wallet Donate Button

*for PayPal, please use (407) 222-7174, for Google Wallet please use


Our dream would be to travel and share great causes across the planet! Long term needs will be:

  • Travel: Have a spare buddy pass, points or a connection at an airline? Let us know!
  • Accommodations: Have hotel points just sitting there collecting dust? We can put them to great use!
  • Connections: Should we be somewhere we’re not? Help connect us with charities, event organizers and PR folks!

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