What IS Wearables4good?

Statement from our Founder, Jen Vargas:

The community here in Central Florida inspired me to pursue Google Glass. When I was first selected to participate in Google’s (then #ProjectGlass now) #GlassExplorers program in 2013, there was no way I could afford to pay for the device or the required trip to get it (I still can’t)… but I refused to let this stop me.

After some encouragement and a BIG push, I pitched my idea (eventually coined “#Glass4good”) to friends in person and followers via Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Please note: I am NOT a developer. My strength lies on the other side of the brain, with the creative. I looked at it this way; owning Glass is going to be a big deal to a lot of people, and so many more would be equally curious. Being a beta tester for this device would bring a great deal of attention to the individual wearing it. Having ZERO desire for such things, I thought of a way to divert it. Why not visit local area non-profit organizations who may never see Google-sized attention, and show the world what they’re up to? It’s a win-win!

Many thought this was a GREAT idea, especially the organizations themselves! Supporters who were unable to contribute financially thankfully shared my project via social media, their blogs and word-of-mouth, and word spread quickly. In the end, #Glass4good was made possible by 34 individual sponsors and a very generous travel sponsor. All because I swallowed my pride (for one of the first times in my life!) and asked for help. I am forever indebted to the people who believed in me, and vow to continue making a difference!

In late 2014, we changed our name to #Wearables4good. Surprisingly, our coverage and presence at events was so well received by the local and online community, we didn’t feel it was fair to limit ourselves to one piece of tech. There are so many techccoutrements out there… so many possibilities! Don’t worry. We will not be putting down our Google Glass anytime soon. 

Despite our lack of consistent funding, #Wearables4good is thankfully still gaining (slow but steady) momentum. Several Google #GlassExplorers in Florida have been sharing the Good in their community with the world #throughglass. Our Glass pal Jeris and her Glass Squad in Seattle, Washington are spreading the Good on the West Coast! We hope other states and countries will share too. The sky is the limit. With more help, we can take #Wearables4good to the next level in 2015! Interested in helping us go further? Click HERE to see how you can help pave our future path!

We can also be found at the following social media sites:


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