#Glass4good: Meet @aracknoid3, Cosplayer and future Google Glass Explorer!

Yesterday was Day 2 of MegaCon (aka MegaConvention), the Southeast’s answer to that other busy Con on the west coast in the summetime. Having covered MegaCon the last three years with our show Indie Cinema Showcase, 2014 is probably their biggest attended event to date. Of course Saturday is always the big day, with all the favorite panels and parties, but today was just a SEA OF PEOPLE. Despite the long hours and repeated logistical challenges Team MegaCon, its volunteers, security staff and Orange County Convention Center partners did a fantastic job maintaining safety and order.

At MegaCon you are guaranteed a few things;

  1. A lot of walking. Especially to your car and around the exhibit floor.
  2. (If you don’t normally attend events like this) The most interesting people watching you may EVER see.
  3. Lines; for spontaneous photo ops (of each other!), for food, to meet the stars, for the bathroom… and there are lines for other lines too.
  4. Quite possibly the largest group of polite, conscientious and dedicated people occupying one space.
  5. You never know WHO you will meet

Leaving the Convention Center tonight, I met a man who goes by the name of “Spider.” His cosplay was a full body suit of armor based on the popular Gears of War video game series on Xbox and it was mesmerizing; the detail of the paint, the battle-ready helmet, a very large protruding gun with lights – he even had a small monitor mounted at his feet. Spider spent four months making this one costume! And today, he’d already gone through a first costume change where he was a character from the Iron Man series. (He will come dressed as Jaegar from the Pacific Rim series on Sunday.)

In talking with Spider and his friends, I learned some fascinating things about him; His costume won Runner Up in MegaCon annual contest but was so well-received by the audience, he was awarded his own prize! Spider hails from Long Island, NY and recently moved to Florida. He’s an Army Veteran. Spider spent 25 years as a REAL soldier. He took on the construction of his costume as a form of physical therapy. Outside of the convention world, Spider is a father and husband to a lovely family and is HandiCAPABLE, not handicapped.

After trying on Google Glass, we talked about the huge benefit Spider feels Glass can serve in his everyday life. “I’ve been waiting for this thing to come out for a year! I could be hands-free in costume!” he said. Here, Spider goes into detail about how having Google Glass would be a great tool to add to his arsenal…
(Pardon the puns!) You can connect with Spider via:

UPDATE: (Shhh! We just sent Spider an invite to be a Glass Explorer!)


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